who we are

Who we are

Amka is a South African home grown company with over 60 years in the Health and Beauty Industry. We are among the top 5 in South Africa. Our Vision is to be “Brand leaders in the Health, Beauty and Home Care Industry.” Our purpose is “To enrich people’s lives by creating and sharing Abundance.”

With a portfolio of over 50 popular brands, Amka is a leading manufacturer in Skin Care, Bath Care, Hair Care, Home Care, Perfumes, Deodorants and Sun Screens.

Our Health and Beauty brands include some of South Africa’s most-loved brands.

Skin Care:

Clere, Satiskin, Mousson, Revlon Natural Honey, Everysun, Tropitone, Fenjal, Cuticura, Karvol, Lip Ice, Top Society, Baby Line and Susa Amabala, Bump Patrol and Schick

Perfumes and Deodorants:

Playgirl, Playboy, MUM, Shower to Shower, Gold Series

Hair Care:

Sof ‘n free, Easy Waves, Sta Sof Fro, Amla Oil, Jane Seymour, Black Like Me, Perfect Choice, Stylin’ Dredz, MPL, Jabu Stone, Revlon Realistic and Aunt Jackie’s

Home Care:

Milton, Chemico, Personal Touch, Jewel, Thunder, Viva, Dentazyme and Organico,


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