Stylin’ Dredz

Stylin’ Dredz hair care range is designed specifically for those who wish to style hair in a trendy, cultural look of twists or locks. This range of products will assist with creation & maintenance of dreadlocks.

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Stylin’ Dredz

What better way to express yourself, than with well looked after dreadlocks that embody your choice and exemplify your individuality. Be bold this year and create a statement, or get a style that shows a quieter personal preference. Either way Stylin’ Dredz makes having Dreadlocks a part of your lifestyle much easier.

The Stylin’ Dredz range has been designed specifically for those with natural hair, who wish to style it in a trendy, cultural look of ‘twists’ or ‘locks’. This range of products will assist with maintenance of the complete range of dredz, from backcombing, rip and twist and natural to dread perm.

The Stylin’ Dredz range is enriched with a special blend of softeners and proteins to moisturise, condition, style and clean dredz so that you can be sure of quality dredz in locks and twists, without build-up.

There is a certain level of maintenance and care that comes with choosing the dreadlocks style. Handled correctly and with the right products, dreadlocks can remain healthy while looking and feeling great. That’s where Stylin’ Dredz comes in. This is a specially formulated range, enriched with tea tree and proteins that help to relieve dryness and itching while restoring lost moisture. Stylin’ Dredz offers twisting products that, together with their holding properties, makes locking of the hair easy. This range is ideal for the preparation and maintenance of dreadlocks, helping to repair a damaged scalp and leave the hair with a healthy, shiny, moisturised look – without flaking or build up.

Stylin’ Dredz offers the complete package to lock into your look

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