Perfect Choice
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Perfect Choice

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Perfect Choice is a brand about STRENGTHENING bonds between women, socially to build a Sisterhood Circle for women to engage, and also for its products to give STRENGTH in every strand with a blend of Avocado & natural extracts to provide the best care for hair. The brand has created the Pro-Strengthening Platform as part of the Sisterhood Secrets, which is a platform for women to engage on total beauty topics, from tips, competitions, events and products to use. The brand has also created the Pro-Strengthening System a range of products that has properties enriched with the Goodness of Avocado Oil and other Natural oils for lasting nourishment, shine and healthy-looking hair with added properties that work in synergy to help strengthen every Strand, leaving your hair straight, healthy and beautiful. Now with NEW Cream Activator in sachets for your convenience.

When the product was developed in 1995 it was about a choice made around developing a product for wonderfully straight, revitalised and nourished hair.  It’s all about Choice.  So, when you make the choice to have great looking hair, your natural choice should be Perfect Choice.  With Pro Vitamin B, Lanolin, Vitamin E and Silicones this product is designed to give you hair that is split end free and keep it protected from chemical and heat styling products.

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