Jabu Stone

Jabu Stone Natural Hair, aims to promote natural hair care and pride in natural looks and heritage to Africans worldwide

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Jabu Stone

With the prominence of Western culture in today’s society, many Africans have chosen to take a more Eurocentric approach to their looks, losing their natural identity to other cultures. Jabu Stone Natural Hair, founded by Mr Jabu Stone, aims to promote natural hair care and pride in natural looks and heritage to Africans worldwide. 

Jabu Stone is regarded in many circles as “Mr Dreads” because of his dedication and vigorous pursuance of the African identity through the promotion of braids and African locks amongst African people. The company, lead in the forefront by Mr Stone himself, has been dedicated to removing the stigma attached to dreads or African Locks. “After all African-locks is the oldest hairstyle to be found on the continent and there must definitely be something wrong with the fact that they are regarded as the alternative,” says Mr Stone. 

It is through this positive promotion of African Locks that the company has successfully created an entire industry that promotes a natural approach to African hair. Alongside a range of entirely natural hair care products, Jabu Stone Natural Hair has also created numerous opportunities for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to assume responsibility for their own salons in which the African Lock style is offered. 

With its continued success, Jabu Stone Natural Hair aims to promote the Afrocentric look worldwide. Combing the natural, honest nature of the brand with international salon availability and mass product distribution, Jabu Stone Natural Hair hopes to inspire people to be themselves, to be proud of their heritage, and to look after their hair naturally 

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