There is nothing like an invigorating morning shower to wake you up and get you excited about all the possibilities of a brand-new day. But what makes a morning shower so revitalising? Your choice of shower gel, of course – it can add a new dimension of inspiration to your experience.

Satiskin Shower Gels have been formulated to not only take care of your body, but also your sense of confidence!

Re-energise your body
Satiskin Shower Gels’ rich, gentle pH-balanced formula invigorates your body as it cleanses. Enriched with Glycerine and Vitamins A and E, it helps to leave your skin feeling satin soft. The range is also dermatologically approved to ensure it takes good care of your skin.

Uplift your mind
A powerful fragrance can instantly raise your spirit and inspire you to pursue your dreams. Satiskin Shower Gels are available in a variety of invigorating fragrances to help you rise and shine. Ocean Energy awakes your senses with the revitalising smell of the ocean, conjuring up images of crashing waves and invigorating sea spray. Prefer the soothing harmonies of water and sand along an endless stretch of beach instead? Tropical Escape will take you there, uplifting your mind with the sweet, fragrant notes of tropical fruit.

Step under the shower with our ever-popular Cocoa Butter fragrance and let the wholesome scent comfort and nurture you. Looking for a delightful start to your day? A Blissful Berry shower will do the trick. True to its name, it will leave you feeling joyful and ready to take on the day with an infectious smile.

Now, imagine falling into the soft, velvety embrace of a magnificent flower… that’s what a luxurious Exotic Orchid shower feels like! Or, you could welcome a new day from underneath a waterfall hidden amid a lush, green forest, while you lather yourself with Nature’s Balance.

With so many amazing shower moments to choose from, it’s easy to rise and shine every single day! Isn’t it time you discovered your favourite Satiskin Shower Gels?


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