If there’s one thing that well-known brand Playboy Deodorant is the authority on – it’s a night out on the town.  While a spontaneous evening out with friends is fun, being prepared for a big night is always a good idea.

Matthew Dees from Playboy Deodorant says that the brand epitomises fun, but at the same time it is always good to have a few key ‘rules’ that will make any night on the town far more enjoyable:

  1. Giving your body a healthy boost is always a good idea: sip on a cup of cooled green tea before you leave to go out. Green tea contains theanine, which gives you energy and is good for your mood. Green tea also boasts anti-oxidants.
  2. Take time grooming for a good night out. Looking and smelling great will boost your confidence and will help the way you feel immensely. Opt for a strong fragrance, like the new Playboy Code Black to take charge of your evening.
  3. Before you leave the house – find a healthy snack to nibble on. It goes without saying that you’re probably heading out for a meal – but the gap between leaving home and actually sitting down to eat can be extended leaving you light headed!
  4. If you’re a girl or a guy, this is a non-negotiable: Never, ever, accept a drink from a stranger. For the same reasons, you shouldn’t leave your drink unattended.
  5. Stay in contact! Never leave home with a flat phone battery. Make sure that you have 100% charge on your phone, just in case you need to call for a lift home, or in an emergency situation.

As South Africa’s Coolest Male Deodorant Brand*, the Playboy aerosol range boasts a new-look design with an innovative twist-cap. The roll-on range has a new curvaceous shape making it easier to grip and use. For more information visit www.facebook.com/planetofattraction


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