Playgirl and Playboy have revealed new scents in their lotion line-up following the launch of the new range in October 2018.

The Playgirl range welcomes Sensuous Body Lotion, an enticing mix of vanilla base notes highlighted with Bergamot, Lemon and Peach top notes. All of the Playgirl Lotions are enriched with Hydra-plus™, a unique infusion of skin-caring oils and vitamins. In addition, the new variant boasts Rose hip Oil, which leaves skin glowing and vibrant.

The packaging of Playgirl Sensuous Body Lotion has the same jewel-encrusted stiletto image as the deodorant and roll-on, making it easy to spot for consumers who have already fallen for the indulgent scent.

The Playboy range will be bolstered by the new Playboy Code Black Body Lotion which includes Hemp Oil Complex. “The added Hemp Oil Complex soothes and calms skin, keeping our consumer at his most attractive all day long,” says Matthew Dees from Playboy.

All Playboy lotions contain Hydr8PLUS™, a unique blend of 8 beneficial nutrients and vitamins – and Amazon boasts Guarana energising complex, giving the skin a well-deserved boost. Both the Playboy and Playgirl lotions are easily absorbed and leave the skin smooth and hydrated.

The range of body lotions are available in the most popular fragrances from the Playgirl and Playboy deodorant ranges. Playgirl Lotions are available in Temptation, Love Is, Flirtatious and now Sensuous. The Playboy fragrances include Amazon, Atlantis, London Knights and now Code Black. Dees says that the lotions are competitively priced at R29.99.


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