In the quest for an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, finding products that are good-looking and compliment the space, as well as those that offer more than one benefit, means less clutter on the counter. When selecting a cleansing option for your body, whether it’s soap or body wash – most consumers opt for something that smells great. “Scent is often the main reason that someone chooses a particular product,” says Claire Bowen, brand custodian at Shower to Shower. “But people don’t always realise the ream of additional benefits that their body wash offers.”

Bowen offers five reasons why you should be buying body wash:

1. The pH of your skin is vital to keeping it healthy, moisturised and supple. Selecting a body wash means that you have the option of finding one that is pH balanced and will assist in this process. Using a soap or body wash that is not pH balanced causes your skin to feel dry and tight after washing.

2. More often than not, a body wash boasts additional ingredients. The Shower to Shower Fresh Escape body wash comes with Aloe Vera extract which helps to soothe the skin with its natural hydrating properties. All Shower to Shower body wash products are enriched with Tissue Oil and multi-vitamins – making the decision to opt for a liquid product that much easier.

3. Be on the lookout for moisture-enhancing ingredients like Glycerin. Glycerin assits in keeping your skin feeling smooth and supple all day.

4. The fragrance in your products is a powerful factor that can affect confidence, concentration and even influence dreams. Choosing a body wash that offers fragrance notes like citrus or bergamot, can enhance your mood or elevate levels of productivity required for the start of a work day. Select a zingy citrus scented product to start your day like the Shower to Shower Fresh Happiness Body Wash.

5. Depending on your environment – opting for a body wash might be a no-brainer. If you’re travelling to the gym each day for a workout followed by a rinse off, it makes far more sense to travel with a body wash that won’t leak and is easily dried after use.

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