Deodorant brand Shower to Shower has announced the addition of anti-perspirant sprays to their popular deodorant range. Brand Manager Claire Bowen says that Shower to Shower is proud to provide South Africans with additions to a range that is both gentle on the skin and will keep them dry, fresh and smelling great.

“Our intention is to expand our range offering women seeking products that will keep them dry and confident, even more choice. With the concerns that women might have around perspiration reduced, they’re left to truly focus on living their best lives and taking every opportunity that comes their way,” says Bowen.

Bowen says that various research studies have shown that some people don’t understand the difference between an anti-perspirant and a deodorant. An anti-perspirant product reduces perspiration keeping you dry and fresh and should only be sprayed under your arms. “On the other hand, deodorant keeps you fresh by primarily masking any odour relating to perspiration. Both products end up at a similar conclusion – keeping you smelling fresh all day – and Shower to Shower now offers both products to choose from.

The new anti-perspirant spray is available in two beautiful scents – Shower to Shower Confident Me and Shower to Shower Fresh Powder. As a fragrance, Fresh Powder is one of the top five best-selling aerosol deodorants in South Africa. “We’re confident that using the same scent in our anti-perspirant spray will delight both our current consumers and new shoppers looking for an anti-perspirant solution.”

Both variants offer up to 48-hour protection from sweat and odour, while the addition of Soothex® means that the range is gentler on the underarm area. For more, visit


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