Leading deodorant brand Shower to Shower has launched a ‘no white marks’ anti-perspirant product in both its male and female ranges, aptly named Invisible Dry.  The striking new product boasts up to 48-hour protection, ensuring that the user will feel fresh and confident all day.

“Shower to Shower has been relied upon for decades by South African’s looking for a product that provides them with the confidence of being dry all day,”  says Shower to Shower brand custodian Claire Bowen. “Invisible Dry is our way of acknowledging our consumers and their long-time support as well as providing them with a superior product, providing up to 48 hours of dry confidence.”

Bowen says that the days of worrying about embarrassing white marks left on your clothes by your deodorant are over. “Invisible Dry – both male and female – leaves the wearer feeling self-assured – not only in how they smell, but also in how they look.”

From February 2018, South Africans can reach up to the top of shelf with confidence; wear sleeveless black clothing on a hot summer’s day; and never again be afraid to put a shirt on AFTER applying roll-on!

Also a reminder that all Shower to Shower products for her now contain the ingredient Soothex® – An ingredient specifically formulated for sensitive skin . “Soothex® is a game changer for the Shower to Shower brand franchise and something we really think our female consumers will notice. The ingredient helps to reduce irritation on sensitive skin.”

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